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Headache and migraine


Fortunately, the cause for a long-term headache is, more often than is believed, in the shoulder. The muscles of the upper back and shoulder region are jammed and may also have caused locks in the thoracic and cervical vertebrae. Unless three treatment sessions do not remove the symptoms, further examinations are needed to find the cause for the symptoms.

As its name indicates, tennis elbow is common among tennis players, but it is also seen in other racket sports, as well as in golf. Tennis elbow is, however, usually caused by repetetive work exerting the same muscles consistently. The insertions of the forearm muscles become irritated, and continuous exertion aggravates the condition. The symptoms are often also partly caused by a disturbed innervation of the forearm, and its cause can be found at the back of the neck. The optimal outcome is obtained by combining a highly focused massage seamlessly with chiropractic procedures. Elbow and wrist problems (including shoulder problems) are my speciality. During treatment, no sick leave is needed, but it may be slightly helpful.


Factors triggering migraine attacks include:

  • Many people suffer from so-called weekend migraine, when work stress is relieved and they should have time to relax; instead, migraine attacks.
  • Psychological problems
  • Some foods and beverages, or insufficient nutrition
  • Lack of rest
  • Smoking / exposure to cigarette smoke
  • Heavy odours
  • Certain medicines
  • Internal and external factors affecting the eyes and vision
  • Hormonal disorders

Although several different causes may trigger a migraine attack, one factor is common to most migraine sufferers – LOCKED SHOULDER MUSCLES. Whether the cause for muscle tenseness is physical or psychological, the end-result is the same. Massage of shoulder and upper back muscles as well as mobilisation of the cervical and thoracic vertebrae is crucially important for elimination of symptoms.

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