Committed to treating your pain

Committed to treating your pain

I offer people unique care, not just an alternative.

I combine modern techniques with ancient skills. Thousands of people from around the world have found significant (even complete) relief from their pain.

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Pain relief without medication


My tinnitus was gone in one treatment

Hi, my name is Ville-Veikko, I’m 49 years old. I’m a former professional athlete, having competed in long-distance running and steeplechase. I ended my career …

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I’m living a full life again

Hi. My name is Elena,I’m a licensed speech therapist living in St. Petersburg, Russia. A few years ago, I started having headaches that gradually got …

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I could not believe that one treatment could cure me.

I’m a 39 year old woman from Vaasa, Finland. I work in a food store. In 2014, my right arm became sore and about a …

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Did you know that...
Fibromyalgia can be fully cured manually the same way as:

Use search and enter the name of the ailment, for example.

What a manual therapist does.

As a manual therapist, I use only my hands for treating the human body. I combine efficient massage with a soft mobilization of the vertebrae.

I am registered as a qualified masseur with the Finnish Board of Health, Valvira. 

I have used my knowledge of anatomy and my experience to develop a unique method of manual therapy for treating acute and chronic pain. Decades of experience have proven my method to be extremely effective. For this reason, people from all over the world have sought my treatment.

Hannu Timonen Qualified masseur, Finnish Board of Health, Valvira (Terhikki registry) 09.02.1984 Qualified Masseur, 50600873041

Hannu Timonen, accomplished manual therapist over 40 years, has helped more than 6000 people world wide.

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