Prevention of Ailments

Ennaltaehkäisy - Manuaaliterapeutti Hannu Timonen

Since there is no work that loads muscles, joints and back in a sufficiently variable manner, you should spend some of your leisure time exercising your muscles. It is also advisable to stretch muscles, regularly locked during work or hobbies, because it is a good and easy way to prevent many other ailments.

A brisk walk is a remedy to many problems as such. Walk and strengthening of stomach muscles is essential to those suffering from lumbar spine problems.

Pay attention to the quantity and quality of nutrition. Eat only as much as your body needs and, if you want to lose weight, eat less than your body needs.

Test your bed or matress. If your back is always stiffer in the morning than in the evening before bedtime, maybe you need a new bed.

Try on new shoe models.

Dress according to the weather, not to the calendar.

Avoid unnecessary straining of your shoulder muscles.

Since the oxygen supply of all tissues is vital, inhaled carbon monoxide makes it more difficult for smokers and those exposed to cigarette smoke to recover from their ailments. Stop smoking as soon as possible, and give your body a new chance.

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