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10 years of fibromyalgia

Mrs. Vuokko Mutka, a private children´s caretaker from Turku, says that she has been suffering 10 years from fibromyalgia.” At first, nobody knew what was wrong with me, and I already started to imagine that the problem was in my head,” she explains. “I found it very difficult to stand up in the mornings, and my feet hurt incredibly. Then, also my shoulders started to ache. Occasionally, the pain was in my hips. This is typical for fibromyalgia. The symptoms seem to change their place. Finally, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, after which a search for suitable painkillers began. At one point, doctors recommended antidepressants.”

“Because of fibromyalgia, I had been on sick leave for as long as three months in one go. I was also sent for physical rehabilitation several times, and I went to physical therapy constantly. These treatments helped for a short time. Then at a health fair, I ran into Mr. Hannu Timonen, who promised in his brochure to cure fibromyalgia, among other ailments. He also gave a presentation for a local rheumatic association. He had taken with him a client who had been cured of fibromyalgia who told us how wonderful it was to sleep in peace without pain. Mr. Timonen struck me as a very impressive therapist, and therefore, I made an appointment with him two years ago.”

“Mr. Timonen usually requests feedback from his patients after the treatment. I felt that after the first treatment session my condition could be rated as seven out of ten. The feeling after the second treatment was eight, and after the third session I was able to rate my condition as a full ten. I felt as good as that,” Vuokko concludes.

No more painkillers

“The first treatment session was really painful, because I was completely blocked. But the third treatment session began to feel enjoyable. The treatment consists of arm, shoulders and back massages, including manual treatment of the vertebrae. My spine had two severe blocks. I felt like I was all twisted. I could just hear the snaps and cracks when Timonen treated me.”

“As I mentioned earlier, I am now in fine shape, and enjoy every minute of my life. No more painkillers are needed either. I think I have already swallowed my share of them anyway.”

“Timonen gave me stretching instructions, as he usually does. When I sit at the television in the evenings, I automatically stretch my arms and neck, following the instructions. I would like to tell everybody suffering from fibromyalgia, that instead of painkillers, it is worthwhile to try alternative treatments. Painkillers are not the answer,” concludes Vuokko Mutka.

Nykyposti 7/2001

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