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Fibromyalgia does not bother me any more

Margita Gustafsson from the town of Parainen tells about her miracle cure. Gustafsson’s problems started about 12 years ago. The initial symptoms were tennis elbows, and then the pain spread to her shoulders, neck, back, hips and legs.

“For years, I received physiotherapy and cortisone shots into different sites of pain without any permanent help. Sometimes the pain became even worse after those treatments, making me sleepless and tired. My blood tests were quite normal, so I thought this must be something between my ears”, Gustafsson recalls. About seven years ago, she read about an illness called fibromyalgia. “Then I knew what I was suffering from. In May 2001 I went to see a rheumatologist, and received a diagnosis”. The doctor prescribed antidepressants and pain killers. “However, I could not take those antidepressants, because I suffered from horrible nightmares as their side effect.” The last diagnosis was: Nothing can be done.

“Then I read a small insert in my paper, Turun Sanomat, where a woman thanked Hannu Timonen for the treatment she had received for her fibromyalgia. I thought about that for two years before I contacted Hannu. By then, I was really desperate, and I thought that I had nothing to lose anyway”, Gustafsson says quietly.

“Now, when I look back I know I suffered two years in vain”. Her first treatment by Timonen was in October 2003. “It was quite painful. It hurt, and my arms were bruised, but then I slept the next night without waking up at all – the first time in 12 years”. “I could not believe that this was true. Timonen treated me 4 times, and after that all my symptoms have stayed away”. Today, Margita Gustafsson sees Timonen every now and then to receive treatment for the muscle tension, that her computer work causes.

“Fibromyalgia does not bother me any more”, she says in earnest.

Maaseudun tulevaisuus, January 21, 2005

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