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Her “incurable” disease was cured

Soile Sandlund from Gothenburg has now fully recovered. She was diagnosed as having fibromyalgia and told more or less just to learn to live with the pain. “However, I refused to except this and was determined to find help no matter what”, Soile says.

Soile Sandlund, age 46 suffered from pain in her muscle insertions and ligaments from 1990 onwards. The constant pain fluctuated between my wrists, back and neck area. Despite undergoing extensive x-rays nothing unusual could be found.

“I wasn’t able to work, I had trouble sleeping at nights and even small everyday things like cleaning the house made me sore”, says Soile. In May of 2006 Soile was diagnosed as having 14 out of the 18 tender points common to fibromyalgia, the borderline minimum being 11/18. The doctor has told me that this is incurable. However, I felt as though I still had my whole life ahead of me and many years to give, I just wanted to be healthy.

Soile searched for help and happened to find it here in Finland. Hannu Timonen treats fibromyalgia combining massage and vertebra mobilization. Hannu promises results with his effective treatment. Soile packed her bags and headed to neighboring Finland to give it a go.

“Like torture”.

“My first session almost felt like torture, it really hurt, and I almost cried from the pain”, says Soile. However she persisted to go through with the treatments, feeling 95% better after 4 sessions with Hannu. Soile still wasn’t 100% content, and wanted to have 2 more sessions. Today Soile has absolutely no symptoms whatsoever, as well as no tender points or even the fibromyalgia diagnosis.

“Heaven sent!”

“Timonen was a god send.” These days Soile is able to work, clean and exercise regularly. Sleeping is no longer a problem and she feels a lot happier. When Soile thinks about the healthcare system in Sweden she almost gets upset. “I couldn’t get any help here when I needed it. The only thing I received was painkillers, sleeping pills and poor massage.”

Sometimes I think to myself, had I just learned to live and except my diagnosis, how miserable my life would still be. My doctor here in Sweden believes in Hannu’s treatment and would really like to meet with him in person. He believes a lot of people could benefit from Hannu’s successful treatments here in Sweden.

The Gothenburg Times 06.01.2007

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