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Life now has energy

A 4H counsellor from Kemiö and a mother of four, Monica Laxéll, experienced fibromyalgia symptoms for the first time for 10 years ago. “Pain began to radiate from my back towards my shoulders, and occasionally the pain was so sharp that I began to sweat. A friend suspected fibromyalgia, and a rheumatologist confirmed the diagnosis”, Monica relates.

“A doctor studied 18 tender points and I felt pain in 15 of them. I received rehabilitation, I was given exercise advice, and was requested to pay attention to proper working positions. In my work, I had to carry heavy loads”.

Since Monica was a good worker, she tried hard, although it was painful. Pains woke her up in the night, and gradually she also began to develop symptoms of exhaustion. She took a leave of absence from work for a year, but she did not return to work any more.

At the end of last year, Monica read a story from Hannu Timonen, a manual therapist from Mynämäki, and went to see him at the beginning of this year. “Treatment was mostly massage, but also vertebrae were treated. The first treatment was difficult. The second one was easier, and after that the pain was gone. I had to find another sleeping position, because my back works again. I now have lots of energy for different activities, Monica tells us happily. I sew and knit for my children and for myself. In addition, I participate in activities for the Martha Organisation, Lady Lions and in different youth projects. I also read a lot, especially psychological literature”, Monica says.

ET-lehti 8/2004

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