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Like the beginning of a new life

Leena Talja (40) from the city of Pori, in western Finland, says that last spring she started a new life. Now, she is able to do nearly anything, and she knows that everything culminates in the well-being of your own body. Even to her own surprise, the suffering that she had had for 7 years ended at Hannu Timonen’s treatment table.

Tarja’s fibromyalgia symptoms started in 1998, and after a year she received an official diagnosis from the city’s rheuma clinic, and a prescription for an antidepressant. The drug helped for about two months but then she again felt worse despite of increased drug doses. She stopped taking the drug.

The sickness was consuming her strength, and she had to close down her horse business. Her condition fluctuated, until last May when she decided to try Timonen’s treatment. Four treatments over three weeks, and Timonen’s instructions for home care turned a new leaf in her life.

The first treatment was painful, because all her bones and muscles were locked, but the locks started to open immediately, and her blood to circulate. After the fourth treatment, the sensation was unbelievable, Talja recalls. She thought that Timonen’s treatment was rough – but she really felt that she was receiving a proper massage. The previous massages had been just superficial tickling.

Keskisuomalainen, February 2, 2006

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