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My new life

Leena Lindsted had suffered from fibromyalgia nearly half of her life. It struck when she was 28 years old. “First I noticed that my hands lost their pressing power. I kept on dropping things. My feet ached. At that time, I was pretty sporty but exercise became painful.”

Leena worked on construction sites. Working conditions were often draughty and damp. “I could not sleep for the pain. Then I discovered that sudden coldness gave me relief. I started to sleep on an ice-cold balcony, and could sleep a bit better. Doctors were suspicious about my complaints because nothing could be found in physical examinations.” You are hoping for medical retirement, they claimed and prescribed sleeping pills. Pain killers caused stomach problems. After extended medical examinations in hospital, her ailments were finally diagnosed which was the basis of her 6 month pension. – They tried to rehabilitate me. I went through everything, from gymnastics to acupuncture. Nothing helped permanently, and the pain continued. Then I saw an announcement in the newspaper which promised to cure fibromyalgia, and I wanted to give it a go. I had nothing to lose anyway. Around new year I made an appointment with Hannu Timonen. After three “mangling sessions”, a new leaf turned in my life! Leena believes in Timonen´s fingers, as in the Holy Scripts.

– At first I had doubts but 10 months has passed since the last treatment session, and the pain is still history, I have to believe in him. It is like a miracle! Leena graded her condition before treatment as 4 out of 10. After the first treatment, the grade increased to 6, after the second treatment it was 8, and after the final treatment excellent. – I am not as good as new but the best possible under the circumstances, Leena praises. Today, she is a trained cardriver, and drives a mobile library. My neck is sometimes tense but the old pain is totally gone. – How am I doing? “Very Well!” exclaims Leena, and drives off in her van.

Turun Sanomat / Extra November 6, 1999

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