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No more painkillers

Pentti Laaksonen, craneoperator and carpenter for over 30 years, hurt his right arm in Egypt on a Finnish construction site in 1985. “I returned home, and for two weeks I carried my arm in a protective bandage and took pain killers. As soon as the elbow healed tolerably, I returned to work. It was a mistake because the arm became sore again”, explains Pentti.

Laaksonen explains that he received physiotherapy for his arm three times a week 100 times in all – without result. “In addition, I tried reflexology. I went to 10 acupuncture sessions, and also had about 10 ordinary massage sessions. In 1985 I also spent three weeks in a spa. Nothing helped, though.”

Luckily last spring I heard Hannu Timonen interviewed on a local radio. He spoke about his successful business in the treatment of locomotor disorders using manual treatment methods. So I decided to visit Timonen, and I have to say that after just four treatments sessions, the pain from the elbow vanished. Also my shoulder is fine and painless. I can only say to everyone in a similar situation that there is no point suffering pain and taking pain killers if there is cure available.

Nykyposti n:o 4/97

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