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Now I have thrown away all my medicines

Hoitokertomuksia - Manuaaliterapeutti Hannu Timonen

You’ll have to learn to live with your pain, said the health care professional. I’ll heal you, said Hannu Timonen.

I got my life back,” says Susanne, who threw away her medications, sleeps at night and has got a new job!

Susanne Nehvonen from Gothenburg was just 33 years old when she received her diagnosis, fibromyalgia. It was eleven years ago.

“For me it was nice to know what it was. But no help was available,” says Susanne. Her symptoms began already in adolescence. Not too strong and not very often but she remembers that her parents often joked that she was born tired. Lazy and tired. With a pain cirulating round her body, particularly her wrists and knees.

“The pain was bothersome, but the fatigue worst. I was never felt rested. Whatever I would do, I felt I would first have to jump over a two metre high fence. The fatigue was crippling.”

Intense pain
The trigger for the severe pain that Susanne had as an adult was a muscle and tendon inflammation, which she suffered from while she worked in production at Arsta. The pain became worse and she began to be passed around in health care. She received her diagnosis in 2000 and got even worse, recevied her sick leave for a year but could never come back full time. In addition, she had to take antidepressants to help her sleep.

“I was desperate for help, I really wanted to get back to work full time and get well,” says Susanne and says that she read about another woman in Gothenburg who had been healed by the manual therapist Hannu Timonen from Finland. Just like Susanne, she was told that unfortunately there was nothing that could be done.

“I rang Hannu and he said, ‘No problem, I’ll fix it.’ So I booked the hotel and flew to Turku.”

Susanne lay on the massage table for first treatment. Hannu put his thumbs in her lower back and pulled all the way up to her neck.

“It hurt so badly, worse than childbirth,” recalls Susanne, who next morning woke up with bruises on her back. But she also discovered that she forgot to take their antidepressants but dispite that she had slept well all night. Such a thing had never happened before. They had agreed on four treatments but Susanne had a cold and had to fly home after three.

“I was then almost entirely painfree. My husband met me at the airport when I arrived full of energy and with a broad smile. His first comment was, ‘If it only lasts for a week then it is worth every penny!'”

I think of myself
This hapened in February and from October of that year onwards Susanne has worked 100 percent.

“I thought I was doing fine until the following year when I got a double treatment from Hannu again. After that I realized I had been feeling better but now I was really good! I do some stretching excercises for a few minutes every day. That is very important according to Hannu. I listen to my body very carefully because I know if I’m too lazy the pain will be back again. I’m a little more selfish, have changed jobs and think more about myself. I know everything affects the disease; stress, family, heavy job, etc.”

“But today I can work full time, work in the garden, cook dinner and spend time with my family. And all this in one day and without being knocked out for days afterwards. You can have your life back.”

Several of Susanne’s friends have also since visited Hannu for various problems such as RSI and tennis elbow. Of course she wishes that more people would follow her example, in particular young people who received the information from health care professionals that there is nothing that can be done for them to do to follow her example. Everyone might not feel as good as I do but if at least you are able better than before that is already a huge benefit.Allas veckotidning issue 24/2012 (June 7) Sweden

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Now I have thrown away all my medicines

You’ll have to learn to live with your pain, said the health care professional. I’ll heal you, said Hannu Timonen. I got my life back,” …

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