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The first treatment helped

Reijo from Imatra tells us the following:

“My fibromyalgia creeped in slowly over the years. I suffered from strange pains and aches, stomach symptoms, stiffness and rigidity. I could not sleep properly and became depressed. This, of course increased tension and other symptoms. I searched for help from one doctor to another for several years, and certainly got my share of pills. Then I saw an advertisement by Hannu Timonen of how fibromyalgia can be defeated. Although Hannu Timonen’s reception was a long way from Imatra, I was ready and it was worthwhile”!

“Right after the first treatment the pain was gone! My feet, hips, and hands did not ache any more. I could not help from crying – and still can’t. Are these my feet: silent, relaxed and warm? It is a miracle, after so many painful years”, Reijo says.

“Timonen also advised me of how to keep my body open, and myself in shape. I remember the words of the causes of fibromyalgia development especially well. When I asked him about it, I got a laconic, short answer: By stupidity! It was the best diagnosis I have ever heard, and it surely had an effect on a stiff-necked and stubborn man. Who would like to be stupid? I was not – and will be no more”!

Pargas Kungörelser / Paraisten Kuulutukset 17/2004

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