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The pain went off

Matti Sahravuo, 44, did not sleep for months because of his aching shoulder. Cortisone, massage and acupuncture did not bring any relief. Gradually he succumbed to the thought that at his age some type of aching was more a less the norm. A colleague disagreed and sent Matti to Mynämäki to see Hannu Timonen. The pain vanished.

“I had played a lot of golf and chopped wood, and my right shoulder started to ache. I woke up many times every night, I tried to find a better position to sleep, but in a little while I woke up in pain again”, explains sales director Matti Sahravuo from Helsinki.

Matti endured pain and sleepless nights for about a month, then his shoulder was scanned. The ultrasound did not reveal anything though. In the summer, the aching continued, lifting hay bales was painful, also his thighs and calves started to show symptoms. Matti went through 10 massage treatment sessions, without result.

The summer turned to autumn, and the pain continued. Cortisone shots gave relief only for a week or two. “Soon, putting a coat on, or shifting gears of my car was pure agony”. Matti had to throw ball from downward up because the normal throwing position was impossible.

Pain, which had lasted for nine months, and fragmentary sleep became part of Matti´s life. He had searched for help in so many places that he no longer believed that there was cure. Highly sceptical he finally drove to Mynämäki to see Hannu Timonen. Why would this make any difference?

Hannu Timonen treated Matti´s vertebrae and muscles for about an half an hour on a Saturday in January. Over the weekend Matti´s shoulder was sore, but otherwise it was ok. On Tuesday morning Matti woke up surprised: For the first time in 9 months he had slept through the night without waking up to pain. And the pain stayed away. Ten days later Matti returned to Mynämäki. There are no more problems in putting on a coat, and shifting gears in his car is again easy.

Matti Sahravuo admits that he would not have gone to Mynämäki to see Timonen, if his colleague hadn´t practically forced him to go. “Now I have to believe that that the trip was worthwhile – the pain just vanished with correct care”, Matti explains and draws a wide circle in the air with his right arm.

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