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Hoitokertomuksia - Manuaaliterapeutti Hannu Timonen

The recovery of Merja Kaarlenkaski (41) from Lohja sounds like a huge miracle. Her symptoms disappeared as if by magic at the reception of manual therapist Timonen.

The ordeal began in the autumn of 1999. Heavy stress caused headaches at first, but soon her back, feet and eyes began to ache as well. The pain became worse day by day. At its worst, life felt like a constant nightmare, which she had to cope minute by minute. A doctor at a health care centre took all possible tests, ordered physiotherapy, and she was also treated with acupuncture, but nothing worked. Merja Kaarlenkaski went to see an ophthalmologist, neurologist and different physical treatments at her own cost, but nothing helped. Finally, when she went to see a physiatrist, the diagnosis was confirmed as fibromyalgia. The result of tender points was 17/18.

“During six months period, I spent over 2000 euros on different tests and treatments just to get a diagnosis of a disease, which has no cure according to the doctors. The pains continued as they had earlier”.

Merja Kaarlenkaski had no permanent doctor-patient relationship, since doctors at the health care centre changed constantly. Her own experiments to find a cure, however, continued.

“Lymphatic massage and dry cupping did not help, neither did cryotheraphy. I was admitted to the rheumatism hospital in Heinola for rehabilitation, and there I became interested in sports. I have always walked or cycled 5 km to work, but now I also do Nordic walking, many kinds of gymnastics, and every day, a morning warm-up. A napraphath alleviated some pain”, Kaarlenkaski explains.

“Strong painkillers alleviated the pain to some extent, and she also used sleeping pills to help her sleep better. For a year, I slept three hours a night, and I began to get very touchy. When I returned home from work, I just slouched on the sofa exhausted. I did not even like to be with my own family, or concentrate on their doings. I have always been active and social, but I lost all interest in going anywhere or keeping in touch with people”.

Her husband read about manual therapist Hannu Timonen from a newspaper, and after a six-month waiting period, Kaarlenkaski visited Timonen in Mynämäki. “After the first treatment I was really sick, but the pain started to alleviate gradually. I visited Timonen four times during a period of four weeks, and after his treatment I haven’t experienced any symptoms”, Merja Kaarlenkaski tells us joyfully.

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