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Three treatment sessions helped

Soili (43) suffered from strange symptoms for 10 years. Her neck was stiff like a block of wood, her shoulders ached, she felt dizzy, had headaches, could not sleep because of the pain, and therefore was dead tired in the daytime. She even experienced visual disturbances. Soili was confused, where did these symptoms come from? Several blood tests and EEG proved normal. She visited masseurs and physiotherapists but without result. Nothing was found, and nothing helped. Doctors prescribed pain killers and sleeping pills for the symptoms, but gradually Soili´s condition deteriorated. “I had to take sleeping pills every night, and I felt numb during the day”, Soili recalls. “I also had to take pain killers all the time.” The causes of the symptoms remained a mystery, and doctors started to suspect that the symptoms were actually in Soili´s head. According to them, there was no cure for her ailments, which depressed Soili even more.

In autumn 1998 when Soili was reading a Turku newspaper, she noticed a small 2-line announcement in the Personals. It thanked Hannu Timonen for curing fibromyalgia. Without hesitation Soili looked up Timonen´s phone number, and made an appointment with Timonen. The first treatment session was painful. “I practically cried on the treatment table, it hurt so much”, Soili recalls. “I was so sore after the treatment that I had serious doubts about the whole thing. In the evening, however, I fell asleep without sleeping pills, and slept like a log until the morning. Falling asleep without pills was such a great experience that it encouraged me to return the next week”, Soili praises. She summarises that symptoms disappeared after three treatment sessions. All symptoms. Now Soili is energetic without a trace of depression…

Yhteishyvä 11/99

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