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Other family members also got help

…Ritva knew where to come. Two years ago she finally found relief for her stabbing headache which had lasted for weeks. “I slept with the help of pain killers. In two weeks I took over 40 pills; the headache started when I went to bed. Pills helped but when I woke up, the headache was back. A neurologist suspected a brain tumour but examinations did not reveal anything.”

Once when Ritva was visiting her childhood home in Eastern Finland, she happened to read an article in a magazine about a man who had suffered pain for decades, and who got rid of all pain under Timonen´s treatment. “As soon as I returned to Turku, I called Timonen, and made an appointment with him the next day. My headache disappeared after the first treatment session. It felt incredible. It was the first night in many weeks I slept without pain killers.” Her headache had overshadowed her back ache which had lasted for years but as soon as her headache had disappeared, Ritva remembered to mention her back troubles to Timonen as well. “My back had been operated on many times, I could sleep only on my left side. Timonen also treated my back and upper arms which were sore because of computer work. I needed four treatment sessions, after which all pain was gone, and now I can sleep in any position.”

Ritva was so delighted that she also sent her daughter for treatment. She suffered from tennis elbow caused by a base ball. The problem disappeared in one go. Her second daughter´s migraine has been alleviated under Timonen´s care as well as Ritva´s own. “I also sent my old father to see Timonen. He suffers from severe bronchitis and asthma, and needs constantly extra oxygen. Timonen had to treat him in a sitting position, so everything could not be done as efficiently as normal but right after the first treatment my father felt so good that he needed no extra oxygen.”

Turun Sanomat / Extra May 30, 1998

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