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Seven years asymptomatic

One of Hannu Timonen’s satisfied customers is a practice nurse Kirsi-Mari Laine, 42, from Loimaa.

“I saw Hannu seven years ago because of my Fibromyalgia. Every joint in my body ached. In the morning I had trouble getting out of bed and I was too tired after work to do absolutely anything. The aching was down to the soles of the feet. I went to the occupational health care, but they only prescribed me painkillers.”

Some time ago Kirsi-Mari had cut out Hannu Timonen’s advertisement from Turun Sanomat and while she was cleaning the cupboards the clip fell out in front of her.

“I thought then that I had nothing to lose anymore as I was already ill enough. I phoned Hannu, who himself was at that time recovering from shoulder surgery. Still despite of this he saw me the following week. I visited him four times at weekly intervals and the fibromyalgia disappeared completely. I have been symptom-free for seven years now.”

Then she also stopped her medication.

“After the treatments I felt quite incredible because I experienced a new, pain-free life.”

Kirsi-Mari visited Hannu again last autumn, not for fibromyalgia but because of tennis elbow, following some renovation work at home.

“Hannu also treated this condition successfully. We need to take our hats off to Hannu, he is a very persevering man.”

Terveys Hymy 9 September 2014

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